The True Gentleman Initiative Library Parent Resources Module - 10D

We Stand Together - Letter to Parents

Dear Parents, 

We are excited that your son has decided to join Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Founded in 1856, our purpose is to inspire young men to be lifelong True Gentlemen. To date, over 290,000 men have been initiated at our chapter collegiate level on over 300 campuses. Your son’s membership does not end with graduation from their institution. We have alumni groups across the country that raise money, do community service, and provide support for their local chapters. 

Members have been enjoying Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s magazine, The Record, since 1880. You can keep up with your son’s Fraternity with feature stories and in-depth profiles of brothers from around the Realm through your browser. A new site,, has been created to give you all your news online. 

Established in 1927 as the Levere Memorial Foundation, the non-profit corporation of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was created to generate funds for the construction and maintenance of the Levere Memorial Temple and its artifacts; to establish and grant scholarships and loans to deserving undergraduate and graduate brothers; and to “receive funds, donations, bequests, legacies, endowments, and gifts, both real and personal for the furtherance of the objects and purposes of the Foundation.” 

As it is known today, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation grants scholarships to hundreds of undergraduates each year. The foundation also helps fund many different education programs that the Fraternity puts on. Each year the Foundation gives nearly $90,000 in scholarships, a $150,000 grant to host the John O. Moseley Leadership School, and raises 2.3 million to help ensure the future of our Fraternity. 

Greek Life and SAE Terminology can be confusing. Since your son joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon, his vocabulary may feature a few new words, including: Advisers are local alumni members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon who assist chapter officers. Big Brothers/Little Brothers are used as a Mentoring system for new members, pairing them with another member of the chapter. Chapter is often the name used for a weekly meeting, but can also refer to the group of Sigma Alpha Epsilon members on one campus. “All chapter members are required to attend chapter.” Executive Council/Board is a group of Elected officers who lead the chapter’s programming, recruitment and administration efforts. The Gentleman’s Circle is an online resource center and social network for Sigma Alpha Epsilon members. The True Gentleman Initiative is an online educational resource developed to provide undergraduates with a myriad of informational pieces. The site highlights issues that are facing college students today. You are invited to explore the site, too: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Online provides the public with a look into the largest national Fraternity. Each tab at the top of provides further detail about different branches of the Fraternity. The rest of the site is dedicated to keeping our constituents updated and in the know about recent Fraternity news. 

We Stand Together Program is an example of how Sigma Alpha Epsilon takes member safety seriously. The We Stand Together program is an anti-hazing program that emphasizes bystander intervention and provides chapters with alternative programs to hazing. The Fraternity understands the not all chapters haze their members but we do everything possible to ensure hazing is not a part of your sons undergraduate experience. If you think your son is being hazed please check out the parent resources on If you know of hazing incidents please feel free to call 1-888-NOT-HAZE and report the incident. 

Merchandise Sigma Alpha Epsilon and more than 50 other Greek groups are a part of Affinity Marketing. This relationship helps us protect our registered trademarks, and also allows us to manage royalties paid by licensed vendors. We ask that you patronize merchants that display the “Greek Licensed Products” seal because the royalties are used to support SAE operations. To view our licensed vendors, click on Merchandise under the Fraternity tab on our Web site to visit SAE Market Place.