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We Stand Together - Definition of Hazing

Hazing in any form is not acceptable. 

Chapters are to be hazing-free at all times. If you have to ask if an activity is hazing, then it probably is. Hazing is also illegal in almost every state and can result in incarceration and fines. Many universities, cities and states additionally have their own definition of hazing. Please consult the appropriate resources at your local level. For a listing of state anti-hazing laws, visit 

You should be aware that people who participate in hazing expose themselves to enormous liability. Hazing has resulted in death, irreparable harm to the human body, loss of loved ones, imprisonment and other tragedies. Additionally, collegiate members who haze – and their parents – have a very high probability of being named in a lawsuit, which can result in large financial judgments being levied against members and their parents. 

Hazing is against our Fraternity Laws, as in accordance with Section 47B2. It is defined by the Fraternity Laws of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in Section 47D5C and states: 

c. Program Content. The emphasis of all programs shall be on the development of spirit and understanding of the dignity and worth of each and every individual. The purposes and objectives of all programs shall be discussed with all participants in advance. Because they are inconsistent with the Ritual and the objectives of the Fraternity, the following practices specifically and all other similar activities are prohibited at all times in all Chapters Collegiate: paddling in any form, physical exercises or calisthenics, deprivation of normal sleep and rest, any form of corporal or mental punishment, “mind games,” the placing of anyone in actual or simulated peril or jeopardy of health, undignified methods and stunts, wearing humiliating or uncomfortable attire, dangerous or illegal activities, either private or public quests, treasure hunts and road trips, personal servitude, and any ordeal that is in poor taste or in any respect indecent or shocking to the moral or religious scruples or sensibilities of a reasonable person. Participation in or endorsement of such activities is a ground for expulsion or revocation of a charter or both. 

If hazing does become a concern at any time for anyone, we strongly urge the affected parties to call our anonymous hazing hotline at 1-888-NOT-HAZE. Our Regional Directors, who work directly with our chapters, also serve as a resource. You can find a roster of these staff members and their regions at

Stand together with us and stop this destructive practice that devastates families, friends and brothers.