Welcome to the True Gentleman Initiative Library

Each of the core areas of The True Gentleman Initiative are listed in the modules below, as well as resources for alumni, parents, house corporations, and some of our special programs and initiatives, such as We Stand Together.   

For ease of access, here is a quick reference to where you might find information that you are looking for: 
  • General chapter management, officer transition, and officer duties can be found in Chapter Management
  • Anything relating to general risk management can be found in the Risk Management core area
  • Applications for programs can be found in the application section (when applications are available)
  • Specific core areas will have information relating to that aspect of chapter programming, and will contain information relevant to the officers who oversee those areas, when available
  • For chapters looking for information on working with alumni, they should access Alumni Relations
  • For alumni looking for resources on how to work with chapters, as well as for alumni associations and other alumni development, they should access Alumni & Adviser Resources
Just as with any library, the content continues to grow and change.  Please check back often as additional content will come online as it is available.  

If something is missing that you want to see, contact James Irwin, Director of Educational Programs, at jirwin@sae.net